Moonbathing in Haven

What are you, a good neighbour? A bad one? I-don’t-care-too-busy type? Or a nosy type of neighbour? Me? Neither. Or maybe I can be all that depends on situation.


When I was reading this, I was really into the main character Jasmine who really “enjoys” her one year gardening leave. It’s really funny because I too am pretty jobless nowadays. Except that I am not currently in the neighbourhood.

Cecelia Ahern’s The Year I Met You has been a great read although it was quite slow at the beginning. Overall, this chick-lit is quirky and insightful. More importantly it portrays self-exploration, and to finding the balance between family and career. What touches my heart most is it also involves about a person with Down Syndrome, understanding the impact of stigma on people with the chromosomal condition which gives an indirect awareness to the readers.

Witty, exciting, unpredictable, mesmerizing, yet educational.

In brief, it’s not always about you.

Despite time being infinite, my time was limited, my time was running out. I realized that my hour and someone else’s hour are not equal. We cannot spend it the same way; we cannot think of it in the same way. – Cecelia Ahern, The Year I Met You



Majestic Escapade

Food, family and forgiveness.

Whether we are rich or poor, food brings our hearts and minds together. The recipe which creates a permanent bond between two people. That foams layers of memory that never crumbles.

Big arguments between us and our parents may end up badly. It’s true that not all parents are perfect that may lead to a rough upbringing. To bring about a reconciliation is a better option, I believe – like it or not. Besides, our parents are irreplaceable.

Not every happy ending starts with a happy beginning. It’s like not everyone is a good cook, but anyone can cook. When we cook for the first time, the food does not often tastes so good like what we see in live cooking shows. It has to be readjusted so it will be better. Thus, we have to change, change and change; and take chances to succeed in life. That’s the secret recipe!

Sometimes when things are falling apart they may be actually be falling into place.

Life From Scratch: A Memoir of Food, Family, and Forgiveness is a magnificent book written by Sasha Martin.

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