Trapped in the outside

The world can be a scary place.

I’m still finding “Room” by Emma Donoghue to be incredibly written and strongly captivating. There will never be a story of a 5-year old boy who moved to “outside” if an innocent teenaged girl hadn’t been kidnapped and sexually assaulted by a psychopath.

Everybody’s damaged by something.

The story is obviously not unpredictable but it leaves a deep impression on me. Every girl and woman “in the outside” are not a hundred percent safe. They don’t feel hundred percent safe both mentally and physically. They feel disrespected and mentally tortured if they are looked up and down by some random men. This happens anywhere and it’s psychologically and emotionally disturbing. It is not right to intentionally harass just any woman which can be due to hormonal causes among these men for some reasons. God knows. Rape is not a new headline but it happens almost everyday or every hour in every corner of the globe.

Lots of the world seems to be a repeat.

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Women have a right to have freedom against all spectrum of violence and discrimination. Women deserved to gain respect from men. Women are not to be trapped “in the outside”. This is not one-sided, just my own personal opinion related with the book to real life.

It’s called mind over matter. If we don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

Quotes by Emma Donoghue, Room.


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